BMW Clubs Canada recognizes the efforts and contributions of it’s members.

The national umbrella organization is made up of thousands of members participating at a local level, many of which regularly spend hundreds of hours improving the club and coordinating events. A few stand out as exceptional, with detailed submissions submitted to Clubs Canada by member clubs requesting awards for those members. Submissions are reviewed and voted on at each Annual General Meeting by the national directors.

Please talk to your national director for the application process.

Volunteer of the Year

2016 Henry Wong BMW Auto Club Quebec

2016 Stan Munn BMW Car Club Southern Alberta

2017 Grant Fengstad BMW Club Bee Cee Beemers

2017 Doug Temlett BMW Car Club BC

2018 Mike Southwood BMW Motorcycle Club Ontario

2018 Gord Anderson BMW Club Southern Alberta

2019 Norm Miller BMW Auto Club Quebec

2019 Harry Westmore BMW Motorcycle Club Valleyriders

2020 Chris Tworek BMW Club Southern Alberta

Friend of the Marque (International Award)

2017 Henry Wong Auto Club Quebec

2019 Phil Abrami Auto Club Quebec / Clubs Canada