Insurance is a very important consideration in any organization.

BMW Clubs Canada holds insurance to cover all directors and officers for liability. All member clubs of BMW Clubs Canada, and by extension all their directors and officers, are covered by that policy.

For events where proof of insurance is required to rent a facility a certificate can easily be arranged through our insurance provider.

We also have a Motorsports insurance policy that offers reduced rates for activities such as Advanced Driving Schools, Advanced Rider Training, and other motorsports related activities. Coverage must be purchased by the member club as they require for each event and must be through the provider listed below (no exceptions).

2023 Insurance – information for Member Clubs

For this year, our insurance is provided by Stoneridge Specialty Insurance. Forms are available on their website (


The forms typically required for use by member clubs are available on the Stoneridge website but also included here for convenience:

Permanent Facility Event Order Form – typically used for Driving Schools/ Club Race

Insurance Loss Control Manual – instructions and guidelines for events including waivers, incidents, emergencies


All liability waivers are now handled electronically using SpeedWaiver. For any motorsports activity you must have participants sign waivers and they must be done electronically.

Direct contact to our broker

For member clubs, contact to Stoneridge should be Kody Besta at

His phone number is (226) 318-1744 x 4

The main phone number for Stoneridge is 888-379-6821