Advanced Rider Training

Some member clubs offer Advanced Rider Training. These are typically at a local racetrack close to the home base of the specific club.


Currently, the BMW Motorcycle Club of Ottawa holds events at Calabogie Motorsports Park, but other clubs and venues are on the horizon.

Typical Event Details

Standard typical details are listed below but your local club can give more specifics on how they run their events.

  • students participate using their every day motorcycle, require an approved helmet, proper riding gear (leathers are not required, but full coverage is!) and students must want to have fun and improve their skills

  • a BMW is not a requirement but is encouraged! (we are enthusiasts and have many friends with other types of motorcycles, all are welcome)

  • mix of on-track and classroom sessions with a consistent established curriculum

  • follow-the-leader or small groups on-track instruction

  • full liability coverage for all participants

  • students divided up into similar experience level groups (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

  • a full range of instruction for all levels, timely instruction for beginners to keep them safe, transition to coach and mentor relationship as the students become experienced and skilled

  • stepping stone to becoming an Instructor if that is of interest