Rider Skills Training

Many slower speed training opportunities also exist - Adventure/ GS, parking lot skills, and fun Gymkana events.


Local parking lots or gravel pits (for off-roads) are used and depend on the club.

Typical Event Details

Standard typical details are listed below but your local club can give more specifics on how they run their events.

  • students participate using their every day motorcycle, require an approved helmet, proper riding gear and students must want to have fun and improve their skills

  • a BMW is not a requirement but is encouraged! (we are enthusiasts and have many friends with other types of motorcycles, all are welcome)

  • events might be club-run with experienced club volunteers or in some cases with a commercial enterprise brought in especially for the club

  • emphasis is on hands-on training with a short discussion, a demonstration, and then lots and lots of practice

  • full liability coverage for all participants