Street Survival Schools

Many of our clubs hold skills improvement sessions, geared towards every day street driving, summer and winter. A wide variety of these events occur across the country, are typically held in large parking lots close to the urban centre, and provide a maximum amount of driving and practice for skills improvements.

Typical programs include

  • emergency braking (ABS and non-ABS)

  • emergency lane changes

  • accident avoidance

  • weight transfer dynamics (slalom, offset slalom)

  • vision, hand position, seating position

  • decreasing radius turns

  • braking while turning

  • lots of hands-on practice in your car

  • classroom sessions to evaluate and discuss the techniques

In conjunction with the BMW Car Club of America Charitable Foundation, a number of chapters are also providing the Street Survival curriculum specifically put in place to help newer or inexperienced drivers learn life saving skills in a safe environment.

Check with your local chapter to find out when the next event is in your area!